Hey, my name’s McKenna Harte but you can call me Kenny.


I’m a writer, blogger, professional street nigga, a lazy fashionista, secret theater nerd and lover of pretty things. With these self-proclaimed titles I write Multicultural erotica, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy non-fiction. I write to entertain but also explore life. From the inner workings of the human mind to the outer workings of the human race.I believe that everyone is the main character of their own story. Each has its own unique triumphs, tragedies, idiosyncrasies, and joys. My greatest joy is writing about marvelous modern women  and the men that they attract.


Warning! these are women you have never seen before and yet they exist and they inspire me with their playfulness, intelligence and amazing choice in men.


I was born in raised in the county of Dade. Though I currently live in the M.I.A. with the cutest little dachshund mix, Coco-Diva, the world is my home. I plan to make myself comfortable in every corner it reaches. Part sophistication and part street, I am no stranger to hole-in-the-wall bars, libraries, thrift stores, strip clubs, and rock shows, just stick with me and you’ll have some fun.

This blog is dedicated to the fiery, the sassy, the powerful, and the sweet, for the ambitious, the passionate, the scorned, and the hopeful. If you fit one or all the above, this blog is for you.

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Ciao, Bellas!