Writing Update GianCarlo

Hey Dolls, I’ve really no excuse for my hiatus. Its sad but true. No worries I’m back on it. I have a few things I wanted to let you guys know about my writing and my blog in general. Here we go: *Story Line up First things first, GianCarlo. This is the first story I […]

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GianCarlo Update!!!

Hey Dolls, So for the last MONTH my computer was under repair, AGAIN! During this repair time my entire hard drive has been wiped clean so GianCarlo 5 was completely lost. You cant imagine how frustrated I was. But wait! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve gotten my laptop back, its […]

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Liebster Award? I Accept!

Hey Dolls, I am very very very new to this blogging thing so imagine my surprise and delight when blogger Rika Ashton nominates me for the award. I’m just grateful I have readers and appreciate every one who takes the time to read my blog. Bear with me though, I’m learning . So basically The Liebster Award […]

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Bad Bi***es Salute

Hey guys and dolls, This has been on my mind for awhile but due to recent events I think I will explain something to my dolls. The moniker  “bad bitch/es” has a pretty bad rep, but I’ll tell you why I, and   many other educated young women, don’t mind it. (Record scratch, something breaks, […]

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Lady Carringer, I Salute You

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Science-fiction, or fantasy rather, and boy have I’ve got an amazing one for you. Gail Carriger is the author of Soulless   the wonderful Parasol Protectorate series, a story that successfully integrates romance, steam punk  sci-fi, and fantasy. Lady Carriger puts an interesting and thought provoking twist to the classic vampire/werewolf rivalry by throwing […]

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Hello Dolls, I know I haven’t made a post for GianCarlo Ch.04 but I do have a good reason. I been feverishly trying to crank out a short story for Earth Day. (SN: I had no clever title for this.) So I wanted to honor this Earth Day with  an homage to Pagans. We all […]

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Can I Tell You A Secret?

Hello Dolls, Can I tell you a secret? Well, I think I love doing fantasy stories. If your mind is half as dirty as mine I must say, I’m not talking sexual fantasy. I’m talking magic, vampires and the like. I’m a fairly new writer. I’m just getting to know my writing but I invest […]

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