Writing Update GianCarlo

Hey Dolls,

I’ve really no excuse for my hiatus. Its sad but true. No worries I’m back on it. I have a few things I wanted to let you guys know about my writing and my blog in general. Here we go:

*Story Line up

First things first, GianCarlo. This is the first story I will be completing on Literotica. I plan to beast this one out and you’ll see an end for it by December at the very least. I wish I could say I’ll be finishing Murphy next but I won’t. Don’t get me wrong I will be finishing it in the future. In fact as the story comes to me I’ll crank out the chapters but it wont take precedence over my next story. Jinnyah is the name of it. It’s a modern borderline sci-fi story with a dash of fantasy and a huge helping of sex. From then on I will focus on the Age Gap story I talked about here. and for all my new dolls who don’t know, these all will be Interracial (IR) Love stories. I’m trying this new thing, its called a schedule (how come no one informed me of this blessed invention). So, Gian chapter six is especially long and especially juicy, you’re welcome. That is because I’ve written over 12k words for the chapter. If I am to continue to churn out long juicy…ahem…chapters, then I must write 1.8K words a day to get the next chapter to you by the next week, give or take a few days for Lit’s approval process. Yay Math!

So for the record it will be:



-Age Gap (I don’t have a title yet)

*Posting Schedule for Blog1010434_598275283536469_1051551137_n

Now for those who are or who would like to be followers according to my new schedule here is when you may expect updates on my blog. First, five reasons you should follow me.

(1) Its adorable and pink!

(2) You will always know when the next chapter is posted, Literotica doesn’t send out notifications but I do.

(3) I also talk about fashion  my way. What I mean is how I pull off fashion trends while still maintaining individuality and a dash of class.

(5) There’s Sunday Fundays!

Now, Every Monday and Friday I’ll have a new post on either fashion, life, literature, or the current Marvelous Modern Women that is giving me life at the moment. Every Sunday is, you guessed it, SUNDAY FUNDAY where I’ll be posting some serious eye candy. Every month I’ll be changing my Fresh Infatuation and lastly you can always click the links for either “Fashion”, “Life”, or “Literature for the latest postings on that.

Isn’t organization fun, its a new skill Im developing. I kind of like it. Anyways, as always, thanks for dropping by.

Ciao Bellas!

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