GianCarlo Update!!!

7d992c75b1466b5382e0bf3c4f8afd18Hey Dolls,

So for the last MONTH my computer was under repair, AGAIN! During this repair time my entire hard drive has been wiped clean so GianCarlo 5 was completely lost. You cant imagine how frustrated I was. But wait! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve gotten my laptop back, its in tip top shape and I’ve been feverishly writing the next installment. Like a mad woman I’ve forgone sleep and have been living off of gummy bears and red bull for the last 6 *coughs* hours *coughs* and I’ve finally got enough penned down to post  buuuut since you’ve guys have been so patient and haven’t given up on me I will make this chapter extra long and extra juicy ;-).

In this next chapter you guys will get to know Stefan and Denise a little better. To be honest I’ve had a lot of fun writing Denise, to let my party girl out for a little while, and give her a chance to breath. Also I wanted to play a little game just to see if my Literotica readers even bother to check out my blog.  What I want is for you guys to cast the characters of GianCarlo , you can email me, comment, or use the send feedback feature on Literotica and let me know. The cast I like most I’ll post on my blog and the person who sent it, I will write any type of story they want and dedicate it to them. Whether it be Non Human, M/M/F, or even the type of people who fall in love.

I really hope I don’t embarrass myself with this contest, lol.

P.S. I couldn’t think of what photo to put but I knew I didn’t want the post to be naked and well…I love this photo…it be like that sometimes, lol.

Ciao Bellas!

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