Bad Bi***es Salute

Hey guys and dolls,
This has been on my mind for awhile but due to recent events I think I will explain something to my dolls. The moniker  “bad bitch/es” has a pretty bad rep, but I’ll tell you why I, and


many other educated young women, don’t mind it. (Record scratch, something breaks, aww shit what kind of ignorant shit is this I’m about to read?)

Okay, calm down, don’t exit browser, and hear me out, really listen. So, most educated people can be divided straight down the middle, half Thinkers and half Feelers. According to my favorite quote by God-knows-who, “To Feelers life is a tragedy, for Thinkers life is a comedy”. Thinkers will tend to agree with me and not mind being called a “bad bitch” because they’d find the humor in it while Feelers will fixate on the negative implications of the word. No one is really right, it simply is one of those impasses present in modern society. Still with me? Keep reading it’ll make sense.

First let’s talk about the most offensive word in the moniker, “bitch”. Typically bitch means female dog and that is still true today but the funny thing about words, especially english ones, is that the definition tends to evolve over time. Somewhere along the line bitch came to mean a sour or mean spirited woman. More, importantly, around the 60s to 80s it came to mean a woman who shirks feminity as described by society (taking care of house, home, childdren and the like). Now, us Thinkers remember the power women of the 70s and 80s. We remember the glass ceiling breakers, the status quo ruiners, the ones who paved the way for us modern women. They were given a name too. Bitches. They were called bitches because they were no longer content in homemaking, or simply at being at the mercy of their husbands like their mothers before them. So, to some of us “bitch”  is a woman Being In Total Control of Herself, a B.I.T.C.H. (Shout out to the other Latrice Royale fans).

64381.originalOne may argue the use of “bad bitch”, or “bitch” in general, in music. I have two things to say about that. Firstly, you’ll notice that rappers more often than not use the word to describe the women they date or generally hang out with in a positive way, while they use “hoe” or “trick” to describe the women they see in a negative light. Frankly, I’d rather be seen as a bad bitch than a good trick anyday of the week. Honestly, what is the best alternative? Saying “woman” or “girl” sounds too politically correct to be in any rap song and naming off the many girls could get sticky. Which brings me to my next point; it’s rap music, people, not an educated dissertation. Its meant to be fantasy, meant for regular folk like us to dabble in a fantasy world unlike our own. Taking it too seriously would be like trying to play real quidditch after watching Harry Potter, hilarious but ridiculous. Besides, anyone who truly believes that Ace Hood really woke up in a new Bugatti has obviously never bought a car before (the dealership needs to be open for this to happen).

So. Dolls, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t mind being called a bad bitch. I’ve invested my life in somethig that I feel will be more fufilling to me than building a family, or raising children. I keep my mind on my business and my message and have done very well for myself thus far and I’m glad that rappers are starting to like these qualities or even glorify these qualities in women (albeit in thug latin). What I’m saying is if you don’t mind it or if you do,don’t judge the women who don’t feel as you do because we all are looking at the same thing from different angles.

Mood: Roman Holiday – Nicki Minaj

Ciao Bellas!

p.s. This was one of the first pics to come up when I googled ‘bad bitch’ lol *NSFW*

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