f6dc98c3764a6f453f77e4ca9bb70ae6 Hello Dolls,

I know I haven’t made a post for GianCarlo Ch.04 but I do have a good reason. I been feverishly trying to crank out a short story for Earth Day. (SN: I had no clever title for this.) So I wanted to honor this Earth Day with  an homage to Pagans. We all must stop and admire their reverence for the earth despite our religious differences. This story is about a lesson the Earth God, Cernunnos (CARE-noon- nos) has for a fledgling black Wiccan named, Christine.

What I like about the God Cernunnos is that he has many names, The Green Man, The Horned god, The Antlered God, and so on. What I love most is the depictions of him…steamy. Anyways , I know religion is a touchy subject for most so as a disclaimer I offer apologies to anyone I offend. Enjoy this little teaser and it should be available on Literotica soon and I will definitely post a link here.

If you like what you’re reading rate and comment on here and the story. I love so much to hear from readers. It’s validating and inspires me to write more.

Ciao Bellas!


I grew up a Christian, Baptist to be specific. What a way to jump into the deep end, right? Religion right out of the gate, but bear with me because this is important to what I’ve experienced. Around the time I went off to college I started to explore. The world had suddenly become massive in size and I wanted to experience it all. I fell in with a group of Wiccans, my mom called them a group of heathens, but that only depends on perspective.

I learned a lot from the Wiccans, more than neo-paganism; I learned true appreciation and awe for the earth. It is here I should mention that ever since I was a little girl growing up in the backwoods of Jacksonville I’ve always felt drawn to the natural. Outside among the sound of animals, the flow of water and the green of earth everything just made sense and now I had a way of respecting it. The only other African American Wiccan I knew was Alyssa and she was the one to suggest it was the call of Cernnunos, the Celtic pagan god of fertility and nature. I soon came to find out it was so much deeper than that.

e440f7850354bff9878364728820b4c0Yeah it was a tough being a black Wiccan but that became a part of my charm; that, I had a lot of. It was a little of a hobby of mine, charming my way through things, charming people, giving them a show.  I liked to flirt, not only with boys but also with girls, with risk, with anything that made life fun and exciting. That was probably part of what became the problem.  Through all the charm and flirtatiousness no one knew me and no one cared to, it seemed.

Many a man had come into my life excited by the air that floated around me and left as soon as the air settled I stood there; Christine, a tall affectionate black girl with a thing for nature. Needless to say that I’ve had my heart shattered and repair a million times. I began to question everything about myself. Somewhere inside knew I was attractive; I had long legs, wide hips and breast the size of oranges. My face was long, my lips full, and often wore my hair in a curly poof atop my head. It seemed physical attraction wasn’t enough and neither was charm. I thought I wasn’t enough in some way. Why couldn’t I make them stay? I had to do something.

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