Can I Tell You A Secret?


Hello Dolls,

Can I tell you a secret? Well, I think I love doing fantasy stories. If your mind is half as dirty as mine I must say, I’m not talking sexual fantasy. I’m talking magic, vampires and the like. I’m a fairly new writer. I’m just getting to know my writing but I invest more of my creativity into the fantastical, but not just any fantasy.


Some of my favorite writers are Stephenie Meyer (don’t hate, the girl can write), Katie MacAlister, Gena Showalter, Octavia Butler, Gail Carriger, and Sarah Addison Allen. What I love most about them is this flawless integration of fantasy and reality. It makes all these things real and believable. It’s also the reason I love the Green Hornet Movie. Its this mash up of surreal super-heroism and very realistic vigilantism. this what I plan to explore in my new story GianCarlo.

The story is of a vampire with a past who falls in love with a girl who is a bit troubled herself. Also with this story I think I’ve created characters that aren’t too perfect. They aren’t  the altruistic martyr/victim. They’re just people who’re trying to figure this life out like all of us.

So I’ve posted the first installment already here it is, also here’s a picture of what I think GianCarlo might look like if he were just a tad bit handsomer and a little less Adrian Brody-ish. Like always let me know what you think, what you loved, and what you didn’t.


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